how voting works

With the advancements of blockchain technology, it became simple to organize a large group of people to vote, raise capital and execute complex decisions on a decentralized platform without the need to worry that someone is manipulating the voting results or has access to the  funds.

The amazing thing about the Ethereum blockchain technology is that it gives us the option to create a smart contract that would execute a decision only if the terms that were determined prior to the voting were achieved.


After the team management will execute the decision, the smart contract will send them the tokens, otherwise the GOAL coins will go back to the fan’s digital wallets.

The GOAL coins will go directly to where they are programed to go. Even the person that programmed the smart contract cannot change it.

The UnitedFan Platform is very friendly, it will be designed for fans to use while watching a soccer game at the stadium.

We will reuse, as much as possible, the standardized code that exists in the Ethereum ecosystem, with the aim of minimizing the implementation complexity. This will also ensure system security.

In particular, the base of the architecture will be built upon the wallet contract and the ERC20 token contract. These have received extensive scrutiny and have been thoroughly vetted by the Ethereum community.

The Wallet

Each Fan will be able to access a wallet. The UnitedFans wallet will be able to hold and store GOAL coins.  

The first interface will provide the Fans with the option to purchase GOAL coins or chose a team from a list.

In case they have chosen to purchase GOAL coins they have two options to pay: one is in Fiat currencies and the other is to pay in Ethereum.

When they chose the teams list, they will be able to pick the team they like, and they will need to choose from a list of topics that relate to that specific team, like raising capital, rewarding the player of the game, voting. The user can get into any topic and use GOAL coins freely. To vote, the fan needs to be registered to a specific team and be identified with an ID. The fan can change the team he is registered to, only once a year in June-July before season begins. Once he is registered he can get into the voting interface and vote on important issues regarding his team.

how united fans works