The Problem

Today soccer fans do not have a platform through which they can be involved in decision making, support or ownership of their team. The frustration among fans sometimes leads to riots and violence.

On the other hand a lot of team managements are frustrated that their professional and financial efforts are not being appreciated by fans.


The solution

Thanks to UnitedFans Platform, Fans will be able to own and manage their team in an easy way. By creating a decentralized platform based on the Ethereum blockchain , fans will be able to :

  • Dialog
  • Vote on important issues
  • Run a democracy process, electing representatives from the fans to execute decisions.
  • Raise capital for team GOALs such as player transfers and coach recruiting
  • Purchase game tickets and merchandize
  • Rewarding their favorite players

Team managements will be able to improve decision making, using crowd wisdom.

We believe that transparency in decision making will lead to enhanced crowd support and rising number of fans.

The teams who will embrace the technology will improve the dialog between fans and team managements, as well as enhance the results of their teams and increase profits.

As a soccer fan, try to imagine, how would it feel if you had the opportunity to influence on recruiting your favorite player or coach to your team?

With UnitedFans Platform The only thing that needs to be done is to register as a fan and vote.

If you want to remain anonymous, you can easily use your GOAL coins in order to buy tickets, reward your favorite player or help raise capital for a team purpose, however as you chose to be anonymous you won’t have the option to vote.

After voting is closed and the crowd has made a decision, it is time for the team management to execute.

Team managements will sign a contract in which they will commit to fulfill the decisions as voted by the crowd. In order to enforce that, The management will have to first use the club budget and a smart contract will release the GOAL coins only after the specific task will be  completed.