Unitedfans aims to be a leading player in the soccer community by providing technology solutions for collaboration between fans and team managements.  

The vision was born as Niv Tal’s favorite Israeli team, Hapoel Petach-Tikva, went down to the second league and was on the verge of bankruptcy. The owners were not willing to invest capital and therefore the fans decided to establish a nonprofit organization that will support the existing management in exchange of ownership in the club.

Representatives of Hapoel petach -Tikva fans asked Niv Tal to help them organize the crowd to join the organization. As an ex professional player of the team, Niv was happy to help. Today there is a well-functioning organization that will be able to benefit from the UnitedFans Platform.

The organization is trying to negotiate with the owners on purchasing a % of the team, or at least taking under consideration the crowd’s opinion on certain issues and in exchange the organization will support the team financially.

The organization is addressing issues that are dear to the fans’ hearts, for example:

  • Funding expenses for poor families that have talented kids and can’t afford sending them to play soccer.
  • Recruiting Ex-professional players to train and educate the young generation.
  • Organize social activities and expand the number of fans and supporters.
  • Donations for GOALs that are important to the fans  

The majority of the clubs in the world do not address these issues, definitely not with the same passion as fans do.

Action was needed to be taken to improve the way fans, team managements and players interact. Read more at our Non Profit Organisation in Israel https://theblue.org.il/