The Closed Transfer Window — Passive Fans vs Active Fans — Why Clubs can now Leverage their Fans through Blockchain with

Let’s start with some simple Facts:

In January 2017 there were 547 transfers for a total value of £651mLast summer Paris St-Germain broke the world record by paying £198m for Neymar, contributing towards a total sum of £4.07bn for 1,407 deals. In the window that just finished there were 531 transfers for a total value of £802.2m.

How many of those transfer decisions involved fans?

Well the simple answer is 0 , yes that’s right zero…

So on the one hand Fans are the major asset of football clubs (No Fans = No Club) and football clubs invest a lot in trying to give them a feeling of being an integral part of the club, yet the most crucial decisions (Both on the field and off the field) are made without direct involvement of the fans.

It shouldn’t be like this, and it now doesn’t have to be like this anymore.

What if Football Clubs worldwide, small and big, from a 3rd division club in the Netherlands, Chile or Ghana to a Premier League Club could all connect with their fans and give them a share of the important decisions?

Which player to buy, which player to sell?

How much to pay or invest in a specific player?

Which player should get a bonus?

All of this is behind the core philosophy and business model of the first Football Blockchain ICO of

how voting works will allow all Clubs worldwide to easily integrate and leverage the Blockchain Technology to communicate with their fans and exchange value through it’s Goal Coin.

Any club could raise funds to pay for a specific player that the Fans believe in or make an financial effort to keep a loved player. not only aims to bring Football Clubs, Players and Fans closer together but to it while allowing each side to profit it from it financially.

If you are a Football Fan, Club or Player, this is your opportunity to take Football to the next level by joining the PRE-ICO.